Saturday, August 30, 2008

Men or Famine

Not what you're thinking gals! But that would be nice as well.

After a few months of a horrid shortage of labor at the Ranch, suddenly it's men! Working men!

Jim, our Ranch Advisor - more like a Mentor, flew home after recovering from surgery in Michigan. I don't know who was happier to see whom at the Eagle airport, but I'm glad he's home from his other home. We are busy planning finishing old projects and starting new already.

Before the airport run, I ran up to Vail to pick up Micah, a schoolmate of my baby brother Van at School of Mines. Micah rode up from the Front Range to work for the holiday weekend. For a post graduate scholar, he didn't once get distracted by something so modern as a computer, but knuckled down to the basics of farm and ranch. He more than earned his kibble after a long hot day by whipping up some delicious mussels. I made biscuits.

Neither of us could figure out why the animals were shirking their photographic duties. The turkeys played ostriches in the fresh tilled garden, but not for the camera. The doves sassed the hens in the water bath, but not for a photo. The Bantam chick played roadrunner all day - zoom zoom. Katie fetched her Kong through throngs of birds, totally ignoring them and sending them into flight, but not when there was a camera; the birds remained unaffected.

I'm recharging my batteries.

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