Monday, November 9, 2009

Freya in the Cabin

Fall is insanely busy at the Ranch but we've been very photo conscious because we are applying to Big Dogs, Huge Paws to be a Foster Family. We are finally down to our home inspection which will be done initially by photographs. We all are very camera shy, each preferring to be the photographer, so we have made an effort to combat this situation, and also to sift through existing pictures to show just how animal friendly the Ranch is.

So this is Spring '08, Evening chores are finished, and I hear the strangest noise upon the inside stairs - sounds that any child would expect upon the roof on a any given Christmas Eve...and up pops Freya, my favorite of the yearlings.

Freya used more caution with her antlers investigating then the young dawgs do when managing their wagging tails. She checked herself out in the mirrors of the armoire - Yes, I am very pretty! She warmed herself by the fire. She declined a glass of wine, she wasn't of age yet, she well knew.

Freya sniffed everything with glee. She considered joining the pups on the couch, it looked pretty comfortable. But oh, she had so many stories to tell the rest of the herd now. Only she of all the reindeer had been in the big people barn! She'd dine on this for weeks, getting a larger share of beet pulp until the other reindeer grew bored with her stories of what was in the log cabin people place. Maybe they should lobby for a couch of their own? Freya took it all in again, observing well and stepping out on the the wrap around porch, she surveyed her home from up high. It was dark, but maybe the herd could hear her hooves on the porch boards. Maybe. And then she gingerly walked down the outside stairs and headed home to the South paddock to tell of the wondrous things she'd seen.

Monday, June 15, 2009

White Dove Release

Vail Valley photo: Dove released |

VAIL VALLEY, Colorado — Jack Dunlevie, left, releases white doves in the Vail Valley to help open the Edwards Farmers' Market on Saturday at The Corner in Edwards. The market runs every Saturday through Sept. 19.
Kristin Anderson/Vail Daily

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Friday, June 5, 2009

Waxing Moon but Waning Phase

This evening I learned a website – no…The Web Site- that I've been a fan of for some nine years, and more if you count its conception on, has ended.

I mourn

Nine years and I've been absent the last few, and I regret those. I've met in real life so many of my invisible friends from there: had them as house guests; had lunch; attended the symphony together; been a brides’ maid & the yenta , too; acquired some of my dearest friends; gotten great business advice; and of course as it was a site about books! I found incredible reads, became friends with some authors and many readers. Discovered ideas to put before my eyes I would have never found. Oddly enough, my online nickname became a character in a book, and a tough bitch she was! 

I wondered what would get me back to blogging.  

I never imagined Readerville would go away. That's Speedy up there, the lion running, I have all kinds of schwag with that logo. I drink my morning cawfee in a mug with Speedy. And I still will. 

Readerville has been in my life for a decade as have been its people. In this time frame I can only say that assistance dogs & the death of my mother have had as great of an impact. Karen Templer's website might vanish, but the community she built is strong and we are together and that's what really counts in the end: Community. 

Community & reading & writing. Who cares about arithmetic? 

Yet, we can add it up. Readerville is, was, and is still a plus. 

Thank you Karen. 

Brava, Karen. Brava.