Friday, June 5, 2009

Waxing Moon but Waning Phase

This evening I learned a website – no…The Web Site- that I've been a fan of for some nine years, and more if you count its conception on, has ended.

I mourn

Nine years and I've been absent the last few, and I regret those. I've met in real life so many of my invisible friends from there: had them as house guests; had lunch; attended the symphony together; been a brides’ maid & the yenta , too; acquired some of my dearest friends; gotten great business advice; and of course as it was a site about books! I found incredible reads, became friends with some authors and many readers. Discovered ideas to put before my eyes I would have never found. Oddly enough, my online nickname became a character in a book, and a tough bitch she was! 

I wondered what would get me back to blogging.  

I never imagined Readerville would go away. That's Speedy up there, the lion running, I have all kinds of schwag with that logo. I drink my morning cawfee in a mug with Speedy. And I still will. 

Readerville has been in my life for a decade as have been its people. In this time frame I can only say that assistance dogs & the death of my mother have had as great of an impact. Karen Templer's website might vanish, but the community she built is strong and we are together and that's what really counts in the end: Community. 

Community & reading & writing. Who cares about arithmetic? 

Yet, we can add it up. Readerville is, was, and is still a plus. 

Thank you Karen. 

Brava, Karen. Brava. 

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  1. Oh Ty! I just assumed it would always be there and I could pop in anytime I needed to talk about books with smart people. One more place we can't go back to. How sad! RIP Readerville.

    Karen C.