Saturday, September 20, 2008

5 Yards Free!

The forms went up for the foundation walls on the large pigeon loft - 20 x 30 feet, 2 feet high. The foundation was artfully decorated late at night by roving reindeer feet; it's a shame that no one will see their contribution except on clean-out days.

The turkeys also threw in a creative contribution on the last of the heated bird pads. At least those will be visible! Every dawg made an effort to leave a mark, but their efforts were not covert enough for permanent results.

Jared was scheduled to arrive with concrete at 2pm. Just prior, he called with the grand news. The delivery before ours had over ordered, and his boss had already said that any returns would be donated to the Ranch! Jared's job with B&B Excavating has already garnered us some very kind discounts on concrete, but free concrete for Doves of Vail? That's not even our nonprofit! I executed a very awkward gimpy glad dance and hooted & hollered in a rather jubilant and juvenile way. This is cee-ment I'll be thrilled to watch set.

Yes, Cee-ment. I have to practice saying concrete. Cee-ment gets you laughed at here.

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