Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Dove Loft & Hen Houses

Foundation has been laid for the Big Loft for the Doves, when it's fully finished it should house several hundred.

Our goal this fall is to have over 100 trained doves prepared for spring season events, especially weddings. So our loft needs to be closed in and prepped for our trainees, and then over the next year we will finish it out to accomodate the young birds and adoptees. The foundation has been laid and the base wall will poured tomorrow.

We have three heated Hen Houses in the making but only one, perhaps two will be fully fuctional this winter. Our hens will have have radiant heating so they will lay all winter. Hens like 50°-80°F for laying eggs. We hope to be the only Ranch with naturally raised hens consistantly laying eggs this winter.

Mind you, we don't even have radiant heating in the log cabin!

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