Thursday, September 25, 2008

Proud New Member

Gosh, I feel like such a grown up. All of us do out here at the Ranch. This is HUGE.

When asked why we wanted to join, I said "networking - it gets lonely out on a ranch." I was more than slightly serious and a tad joking. Out here, you can forget what the rest of the world is up to without the Internet. So the Alacrity Family joined today and immediately an invitation was extended to a down valley mixer...tonight, just three hours after our courted faxed application was received.

Kristin & I headed to the hosting venue, Colorado Business Bank in Eagle. Kevin Armitage and his crew were wonderful. The location was very inviting and cozy. Imagine a bank with a pool table instead of a conference table - now THAT will get you thinking out of the box. Kristin & I felt a bit shy, so instead of making a big deal of a training release of the doves, we just released before heading in. A handful of folks were out enjoying the fine weather, and like the wonderful grapevine VVP is, we were told we could not do that again without an announcement for all to enjoy. Okay, okay, we won't. EVER. Without announcing again. We promise.

Katie Clementine & Boatswain, both service dogs' attended. Katie had the first hour and then was just overwhelmed - she' still in training. Then "Bo'sun" came aboard; he was ready to flirt with all the pretty gals. The catering was done by Zack Stone, originally of The French Press. Bo's made his first official evening outing in the Valley at the French Press and I think his nose recognized the quality of food a few seconds before I did. Zack now has a new restaurant in Eagle - Angelino's. Bo's & I both can attest the food from the new place is as tasty and wonderful to the nose as the French Press.

I met so many wonderful people. Rebecca Ruck greeted us at the door; she was one of the lucky few to see the doves. Rebecca is the main reason we joined. We have many mutual friends and we are both in the right place at the right time. Kudos to Rebecca! Kathy Calton of All Mountain Bookkeeping, Inc. was the first old voice to call my name - we go back, gosh, near twenty years to Vail Associates. I used to be her ski instructor. Her girls also were out for the doves - Kathy wasn't even married way back then! Her girls were awfully grown and elegant and very kind to my dogs. Time does pass!

I met names I read in the papers that I feel like I know. The VVP gang was very welcoming. One ambassador was a realtor and I love the blurb on the back of his card: With each successful real estate transaction, I pledge to give a portion of my earnings to a local charity of my client's choice. Well, Robert, I hope you tell your clients about With Alacrity!

Two more shout outs from me. Lynette Horan of HR Services of Vail - you kept Kristin & I in chat for longer than anyone. Whether you like it or not, you are going to be included in the Ranch Alacrity Family, you and your "little" dawg" too. Michaela Foucheux of 4 Eagle Ranch, one of our closest neighbors, it was wonderful to meet you and we look forward to the festivities this weekend - Wild West Day! Of course we'll bring the doves.

Gosh and this mixer was only TWO hours!

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