Thursday, November 6, 2008

The 7 Egg "4 Egg Omelette"

eggcellent source of proteinYoung hens are a work in progress. Their eggs started small and are gradually increasing in size. Our girls are doing a great job for us. At first the white layers were throwing down the biggest eggs. I can now actually eyeball small, medium, large, and extra large now. Our brown layers are catching up with the added bonus of providing double yolks!

In the Deep South where I grew up, double yolks are traditionally good fortune - how appropriate - our first two egg subscriptions start this week. Big happenings have risen from a little Egg Money.

I still find it a tad silly to use half a carton to make a four egg omelette, but you can't fob the wee small eggs off on your new clientele.

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