Monday, November 17, 2008

The Wind Turbine Base #1

a MOUSYou don't have to be a little boy to enjoy Big Dirt Moving Equipment. Keith brought his toys out and just happened to be on hand when the permits came through for the Wind Turbine. When you have Machines of Unusual Size, digging a hole for a 14' x14' x 4' base with working space and a walk-in & drain-Working the Holeouts in a mere hour or two.

Keith has his two trusty assistants with him at all times. Look closely in that cab. Who do you think is really operating that Cat?

Woof!Look closely. Click on that pic on the left.

So after missing a week of beautiful weather the concrete crew arrive to set forms in a snow flurry. Layers of #7 rebar are woven into the form. Number 7! You don't want to be tapped by #7, much less thwapped.

Positioning the bolts for tower base takes precison and finally a template assured accuracy and the concrete trucks are called. Unfortunately it's Jared's birthday and he's not here as he has to renew his CDL. Three trucks loaded with 28 yards off some very high tech blend come rolling in.

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